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About Elan Freydenson

Elan Freydenson is an IT Director with two decades of experience in the technology industry as a software engineer, program manager, interaction designer and usability engineer. He is also a craniosacral practitioner specializing in nervous system health and trauma resolution. Six years ago, he experienced debilitating effects from his overuse of technology. He has since trained with the Institute for Building Biology & Ecology, studied electromagnetic radiation and founded Tech Healthy. Oh, and he recovered from his symptoms.

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What Others Are Saying

It's seldom that someone has the skill to discuss a potentially disturbing subject and leave you feeling more awake, empowered and even happier in the face of it all. Elan is one of those rare people.

- David Margoliash

Elan has created a framework and step-by-step guidelines for negotiating the tremulous interface between modern high-tech gadgetry and tender human flesh and bone. He shines light on the soft underbelly of the dominant electro-magnetic paradigm, exposing how entrenched we are and literally unable to extract ourselves from it. He goes on to empower us with tools and strategies that allow us levels of choice and agency in our daily interaction with our technological environment.

Alison Sargent
Alison Sargent Housekeeper

After taking Elan's class, the way I relate to both technology and myself has changed. Before class, I had little to no awareness of how WiFi impacted my body on an emotional, physical or psychological level. The information felt so intuitive that I went home easily shifting my behaviors around technology. I also found that my body can physically feel the difference between when I am using WiFi on my laptop versus being "plugged in". I am so grateful for the applicable and important information Elan conveyed in his class. He gave me wonderful tricks to help "ground" myself. His course is an essential piece for any person who uses modern technology in their day-to-day life.

Arielle Brown
Arielle Brown Founder of Authentic Body™